More Sugar Beach…day 20

Jungle, Beach, Ocean

Rompio is the word of the week.  The toilet seat now broke, while I was sitting on it.  The trip to Sugar Beach was a great idea.  I have never seen Alisia so excited.  She gets up before dawn each morning and walks to the beach (about 4 minutes). She doesn’t swim but she sits on the beach and lets the waves roll up to her. Sometimes they roll her over completely. She does this several times each day.

Alisia on the beach with the waves rolling over her

The kitchen area has four wooden barstools at a cute counter open to the living room. The kitchen area itself is good-sized with all the regular stuff…well stuff that’s regular in America. Every time I walk into the suite, Alisia is in the kitchen just opening things and looking…the drawers and the microwave and the fridge.  She gestures me over to show me some new wonder: Mira, Sara, mira. [Note: My Spanish has been so bad that at one time I thought “Mira” was William’s nickname for me. Then I heard him say it to someone else and found out it means “look.”] The hotel really is spectacular.   Iguana, sapos (frogs), birds for days…absolutely worth the money, though I would be broke if we stayed much longer.

Alisia and David on Sugar Beach

Playa Azucar – Sugar Beach

David doesn’t need to listen to my bad Spanish anymore; he has learned to read my mind. He tells me where things I’m looking for are when I haven’t yet asked and asks me if I want this or that when I do but haven’t felt like figuring out the Spanish to ask. Maybe I should concentrate on developing this skill rather than learning Spanish. It’s probably not my skill though; it’s probably David’s. Best press on with the Spanish.

portrait of young man

Portrait of a Mind Reader

The father of the Hungarian boy thinks Alisia looks like Golda Meir—I think it’s just her hair.  But I want to look her up on the net anyway to refresh my memory which seems to be worse every day.  I can’t believe I plan on studying Italian next, then French.  I’m going to start making lists of words to memorize every day—maybe every other day.

The bus ride home was a very long 6½-7 hours with NO stops for the bathroom.  I don’t think I’ve ever gone that long without going to the bathroom.  Am too tired to think, so will draw.

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