Sarah Curtiss

Sarah Curtiss

This is the story of my 2-month stay in Costa Rica a few years ago. It wasn’t my first trip. I had visited the year before with my partner, William Solis, who is from Costa Rica. But this particular year I wanted to learn Spanish. My initial plan was to take an immersion course in Mexico. However, William said that if I was going to immerse myself in a Spanish family it might as well be his. They don’t speak any English so I would be forced to speak Spanish and I could get to know them better. I told him that when I returned I would know more about him and his family than he did and so it has proven to be true. William joined me for the last 10 days.

This is my journal plus emails I wrote to family and friends and a few comments from my current perspective…six years later. I drew a picture every day using pencil, pen, colored pencil, water colors, and acrylics. I wrote in my journal almost every day. I took photographs.
Photograph of the real Carmen the Chicken Killer

Carmen, the real chicken killer

Carmen, William’s sister two year’s his junior, was my main tour guide, Spanish teacher and body guard during this 2 month trip to Costa Rica. She, an experienced killer of her own food, accused me of being over 50 and having NEVER killed my own food. I tried to claim steamed clams as my expertise in food-killing, but she scoffed at me. The truth is, I am over 50 and haven’t ever killed my own food. The tales told here are all through the eye of Carmen and the pen of Sarah.

The cast of characters:

William I, my partner in San Francisco

Beto, William’s Father
Alisia I, William’s Mother
Daniel, Older brother
Carmen, Sister 1
Edwin, Younger brother
Alisia II, Sister 2
Patricia, Sister 3
Rosabelle, Sister 4
William II, William’s son
William III, Rosabelle’s son
David, Patricia’s son
Jose and Mirta, friends

to be continued…

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